Maestri St. Valentine – love at first bite

Are you prearing the perfect date night for St. Valentine? ♥️

It is well known that Italian food is the most #romantic cuisine for a night together. We are here to help you prepare the atmosphere to conquer your better half.

  1. Set the table: if you want a real Italian dinner, you’ll have to sit down at a table, cover it with a nice tablecloth, and put the cutlery at the right position.
  2. If you want to make the experience even more romantic, take some candles and petals; the perfume will allow your loved ones to use all their senses.
  3. Last, but not least: choose a menu that will get to your lover’s heart! We prepared one for you so that nothing is left to chance and for you to enjoy a wonderful evening.

St. Valentine Menu – Maestri della Pasta

Bruschetta – best way to start, with fresh tomatoes, oregano and extra virgin Italian oil

Ravioli with seabream and shrimps – stuffed pasta is the most refined type of fresh pasta, and we paired it with a fish filling, for a delicate and elegant flavour.

Chocolate Profiteroles – Chocolate was one of the ingredients we absolutely needed to have in this menu. For this reason, we decided to prepare for you some exquisite chocolate profiteroles to make your #dessert moment even more unforgettable.

Bottle of Prosecco – sparkling like you! We added to our menu a bottle of Italian Prosecco from selected wine cellars.

Everything is ready, you just need to say yes!

From February the 5th you can order your Valentine Menu here; if you are not within the delivery radius, you can always collect it from our store in Borough High Street.

Happy Valentine’s Day #PastaLovers

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