Pasta cooking tips: 4 steps to obtain a creamy pasta dish

Are you dreaming to cook a creamy pasta? But many times the sauce is too thick and poorly blended? Today we tell you the 4 easy tips to cook the perfect dish of pasta.

  1. Always choose the correct type of pasta for the sauce you want to combine with it. Bear in mind that different pasta shapes react differently to sauces. Take for example our sauces and the types of pasta you find in our stores, here are the combinations that we suggest:

    Fusilloni – puttanesca o arrabbiata
    Rigatoni – ragù bolognese
    Trofie – pesto di basilico
    Spaghetti – carbonara
    Orecchiette – pesto siciliano
    Gnocchi – salsa ai formaggi
  2. Pay attention to the cooking time, the cooking time must be calculated AFTER the water in which you threw the pasta has boiled again. Did you know that? Just like our #Masters do, we will finish cooking the pasta directly in the pan where we prepared the sauce, then drain it a few minutes before.
  3. Keep some of the cooking water, when you drain the pasta, take a bowl and pour a little of the water where you cooked the pasta. Pour the pasta and water into the pan where you prepared the sauce and finish cooking.
  4. Parmesan in a pan! In most Italian recipes, Parmesan is always present, you can add a little while creaming to create a very good cream.

Did you already know these #tips? Our #Maestri are very keen to teach you all how to recreate the recipes of the Italian tradition, which is why all our kitchens are exposed, and our chefs cook every day in front of you.


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