The worst mistakes people make cooking pasta

Pasta is a simple ingredient of the #mediterranean diet but we often see terrible mistakes when people around the world try to cook it.

We have listed the worst five!

Oil in boiling water is unnecessary, if you think oil can prevent the pasta from sticking, you are making a huge #mistake ! Oil could be used to season the pasta once it is drained.

Pasta as a side dish: there is bread for this! In Italy we are used to divide our meal into 4 parts:

  1. starter
  2. first dish
  3. second dish
  4. dessert

Pasta is usually a first dish, sometimes could be the main dish (first and second together) if it has abundant sauce like ragù (bolognese sauce) with a lot of meat.

Parmesan cheese on seafood pasta. Why would you cover the delicate taste of fish, molluscs or crustaceans with Parmesan cheese? It is better to enjoy it as is instead of adding toppings like aged cheese.

Are you breaking your spaghetti? Please STOP. Usually people do this to insert spaghetti in a small pot; but there are at least two method to solve this problem:

  • The most obvious one being, use a bigger pot!
  • Wait for the spaghetti to soften and with a ladle you push them under the water

Ketchup and pasta is the worst match ever. Pasta with fresh tomatoes is one of the easiest recipes in Italy and it is the symbol of our country. Please, don’t use ketchup with pasta!

Cream in Carbonara. There is more than one way to create a creamy carbonara, you don’t need to add cream, this ingredient is not even considered in the recipe. You should add some cooking water to create a perfect creamy sauce. Carbonara has no cream!

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